Travellers and Gypsies are modern people who are often well integrated into our communities. However, the media and public perceptions often view them as a ‘problem’ within our society. This can lead to misunderstandings, prejudice, and conflict, and engender myths.
27 March 2017 9:30am
Our next Children, Young People and Families (CYPF) voluntary and community sector (VCS) forum will take place on 28 March 2017.
28 March 2017 9:30am
This session will show you how to effectively recruit and manage volunteers for one-off events such as charity fundraisers, festivals and sporting events.
28 March 2017 10:00am
Ineffective meetings cost you and your organisation time and money. This course will teach you how to prepare for and facilitate effective meetings, and offer practical tips to enable you to make the most out of them.
4 April 2017 10:00am
Seed Creative Academy has been developing a series of new short courses to be delivered this year. The first course, 'What every business needs to know about SEO in 2017', launches on Wednesday 5 April, 9.30am - 12.30pm
5 April 2017 9:30am
This session will help you to understand the range of responsibilities you have as a committee member and how to reduce the risks that you may be exposed to in your role.
Multiple dates
Our Strategy Session is your opportunity to join other Leicester Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) groups of all shapes and sizes to identify key issues and topics which are important to the sector.
5 April 2017 12:30pm