This session will show you how to raise funds by using the Internet and the contacts. It will help you to diversify the range of methods your organisation uses to fund its projects and bring new skills to your organisation.
Multiple dates
If you know of a property or land that you would like to be transfer to your organisation to use for community benefit, this online course will give you the confidence to approach the issue of asset transfer.
15 June 2017 11:00am
Organisations that collaborate, support and learn from one another are generally better equipped to weather economic uncertainty than those that work in isolation. This session will focus on the benefits and risks of collaborative working to help you get started.
Multiple dates
Our next Children, Young People and Families (CYPF) voluntary and community sector (VCS) forum will take place on 21 June 2017.
21 June 2017 9:30am
Grants are often the first introduction that organisations have to fundraising, but with public finances squeezed many organisations are beginning to look to secure contracts to provide services. This workshop will provide you with an introduction into how you can start that process.
22 June 2017 10:00am
The Volunteering Network provides support and networking opportunity for Volunteering Involving Organisations (VIO's) who operate in the public, private or voluntary sectors.
29 June 2017 10:00am
Come along and meet funders who are actively investing in community groups in your area at our Funding Fair.
4 July 2017 9:30am