Join us for our next Technical Assistance Learning Session on 20 February 2018.
20 February 2018 9:30am
This course will introduce you to the laws governing volunteer management so that your group can involve volunteers with confidence.
20 February 2018 11:00am
This course will help your organisation understand best practice for involving volunteers, from the initial promotion of roles to effective recruitment processes and managing new volunteers.
21 February 2018 9:30am
Join the Prevent Team for a FREE training session on the Prevent Strategy.
26 February 2018 9:30am
Train to deliver Centre for Fun and Families (CFF) Group work parenting programmes. Centre for Fun and Families Ltd (CFF) two evidence based parenting programmes are a positive and effective intervention in supporting parental involvement plus enable change in children and teenagers behaviour in a range of settings, e.g. schools, community, pre-school.
27 February 2018 9:15am
This workshop considers how best to prepare for and conduct a difficult conversation with the aim of resolving conflict.
27 February 2018 1:30pm
This session will show you how to tap into one of the fastest growing methods of fundraising for voluntary organisations - legacy fundraising
28 February 2018 11:00am