This course will provide you, your staff and volunteers with the skills and knowledge to meet competencies 1-6 of the Leicestershire and Rutland Safeguarding Board’s key competencies. This is a requirement for anyone working with adults in need of safeguarding.
Multiple dates
This course takes a look at some of the options for managers of such volunteers and explores the balance between effective volunteers and business needs.
6 June 2017 9:30am
This is the third of three sessions aimed at helping you write effective funding applications for grants and give your application a greater chance of success.
8 June 2017 10:00am
This session will show you how to raise funds by using the Internet and the contacts. It will help you to diversify the range of methods your organisation uses to fund its projects and bring new skills to your organisation.
Multiple dates
In the context of Brexit, debates over citizenship, immigration and belonging have gained new urgency. This event will provide a unique opportunity for academics, migrant rights advocates, politicians and members of the public to explore these issues together.
9 June 2017 5:30pm
If you know of a property or land that you would like to be transfer to your organisation to use for community benefit, this online course will give you the confidence to approach the issue of asset transfer.
Multiple dates
Organisations that collaborate, support and learn from one another are generally better equipped to weather economic uncertainty than those that work in isolation. This session will focus on the benefits and risks of collaborative working to help you get started.
Multiple dates