We held our first City Strategy Session in partnership with Leicester City Council on 5 April 2017.

The purpose of the session was to bring Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations in Leicester city together to discuss the challenges that groups in the city are facing. We will then use this information to identify and facilitate ways of working between the VCS and public sector organisations to address these challenges.

7 groups attended along with representatives for Leicester City Council. Delegates were given the opportunity to identify 3 challenges face by VCS organisations in Leicester.

The top three challenges identified on the day were:

  • Funding
  • Services
  • Engagement & Voice

Next Steps

The next step for us is to determine whether the views raised at the priority setting session represent those of the wider sector. We have released a survey for organisations in Leicester to see if they agree with the outcomes of the session.

Input from local groups will inform future sessions as part of our offer for local voluntary sector organisations. They will also enable us to create a clear set of actions going forward for VCS organisations and the City Council.

The survey is available until 10 May 2017, so make sure you take the opportunity to have your voice heard.