Over the past few months, three options have been drawn up for where these savings could be made and shared with statutory partners. A key decision was made approving one of the options which would achieve a recurring annual saving of £677,700 from the Youth Offending Service budget from 1 April 2019.

The Youth Offending Service is restructuring responding to national policy developments, taking into account the recommendations from the Charlie Taylor Report on Youth Justice and the Government response which is also impacted by reduced funding from central government to the local authority. The proposed changes reflect and consider a year on year reduction of young people entering the youth justice system (60%) and young people reoffending (46%) since 2012/13. These proposals are intended to place the YOS establishment on a sustainable financial footing.

A staff organisational review subject to consultation will commence from Monday 3 September until Sunday 18 November. Details of how you can get involved, with background information about the process can be found below.

A summary of key proposals to deliver a reduced staffing model for the Youth Offending Service (YOS) that meets the statutory requirements of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and the requirement to deliver youth justice services with statutory partners the Local Authority, Police, Probation Service and Health.

Summary of key proposals

It is not envisaged that the current offer to young people and their families will be impacted as the staffing structure has not reduced alongside the substantial reduction of the youth offending cohort over the past six years.

  • Implement a reduced staffing structure which will continue to deliver the main activities of a YOS which include:
    • pre-court interventions including a daytime and out of hours appropriate adult service
    • youth cautions and youth conditional cautions, pre-sentence reports for young people appearing before both youth magistrates and crown courts
    • post sentence supervision of all young people aged 10-17 sentenced by the Courts for criminal offences
    • community reparation and restorative justice work with young people who offend
    • work with the victims of youth crime and young people involved in anti-social behaviour
    • supervision of all young people who receive custodial sentences and alternative to custody sentences including Intensive Supervision and Surveillance
    • work with young people both during their custodial sentence and following their release and resettlement back into the community
    • statutory parenting orders
  • Maintain the ‘Junior Attendance Centre’ to support young people who are subject to reparation orders to attend this provision.
  • Maintain a citywide presence alongside utilising local community venues.

The consultation

There will be an 11 week consultation on these proposals with staff and trade unions which begins on Monday 3 September and ends on Sunday 18 November 2018.

The project board / service overview

A project board led by myself will oversee the implementation of the review and proposals. The proposals within this review if implemented will result in a reduced and remodeled service delivering full year savings by 1 April 2019.

Please note the proposals to reduce the staffing structure will be subject to a full staff consultation process. Trade unions will continue to be updated via the regular trade union meetings with the head of service and the divisional and strategic directors.

Further information

The Youth Offending Management Board will be updated on developments of the review and there is also representation from YOMB on the project board. in There is a dedicated email address where any queries and comments can be sent to: yosremodelling@leicester.gov.uk