In November 2016 we launched our Active Communities Grants programme, a one-year grants programme designed in partnership with Sport England to award £110,000 to projects promoting physical activity or sport in the Highfield and Coalville areas.

We’ve already awarded grants to projects run by Action Homeless, Age UK, Leicester Mammas and many others, but the programme also includes the opportunity for four of the organisations who received a grant to supplement their funding by setting up a crowdfunding campaign. One of the organisations selected for this opportunity is Safe with Sport, who are crowdfunding for equipment for Tag Archery.

What is Tag Archery?

Safe with Sport (SWS) Tag Archery is an action-packed archery-based game. It’s similar to dodgeball, but instead of throwing balls, you fire soft foam arrows that make it a safe and fun family activity.

Archery can help young people to improve strength, coordination and self-discipline, as well as the social aspect and the positive impact of having fun with friends and family.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a model of fundraising, usually based online, that raises money, awareness and support for a project from the 'crowd' - community members, local business and funders. The crowd can contribute small amounts to a project and if the project reaches 100% of its target it will be funded (if not, the 'investors' will get their money back).

Spacehive, who we are working with as part of this grant programme, is a funding platform for projects that aims to make local places better - from community gardens and street murals to festivals and sports facilities.  

Sohail’s story

Sohail was inspired by a teacher to take up archery as a “traditional skilful sporting activity” and as someone who likes to be active and involved in sport, Tag Archery was a great opportunity:

“I really enjoy the challenge of maintaining discipline and to be able to consistently shoot accurately. It teaches you a lot about yourself and the joy of achieving what you aimed for is always fulfilling.”

Sohail enjoys being part of a “community spirited” club and would recommend the activity to anyone. In fact, he’s already inspired to take up similar activities: 

“I would say that it has added to my activities as a committed sportsman. I want to practice similar aiming activities and I am on a look out for it.”

How can you support the project?

Supporting SWS Tag Archery is simple – visit their Spacehive page and donate whatever you can if you would like to see this project in the community (and get a free taster session as a reward if you donate £10!). Most importantly, please share as widely as possible to make sure this great project has the best chance of meeting its funding target. 

Look out for more crowdfunding projects and Active Community Grant news soon.