Submitted by Go-Getta CIC

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about learning to focus and quiet the mind. Simple guided exercises show participants how to increase feelings of calm and wellbeing.

Mindfulness practice helps us to learn how to feel contentment, and manage our emotions more effectively. This has a knock-on effect on our physical and mental health, and our ability to cope in a very wide range of situations.

There is growing evidence to suggest that regular practice can bring about a wide range of benefits in physical and emotional health, and social functioning (Heaversage & Halliwell, 2012).

Mindfulness can be effective in;

  • Increasing feelings of happiness
  • Reducing anxiety, depression, stress and irritability
  • Reducing lapses and relapses in drug and alcohol addiction
  • Improving management of emotions and relationships
  • Contributing towards a longer and healthier life

What is mindful mentoring?

Over ten weeks, course participants will be taught Mindfulness techniques by our highly qualified and experienced Trainers. A Mentor will also offer all participants an extra ‘helping hand’. This support will be tailored to individual needs and will include helping individuals to set goals and work towards achieving these over the duration of the course.

This exclusive course is free and fully-funded by the West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group. We aim to support individuals experiencing poor emotional wellbeing or mental health to develop and enhance feelings of positivity, happiness and achieve personal goals.

The facilitators are experienced mindfulness practitioners with a background in counselling, mental health and problem substance use. The lead practitioner is a qualified Psychotherapist with an MSc in Mindfulness Based Approaches from Bangor University, Centre for Mindfulness Practice and Research.

How can I get involved?

Spaces are limited so book now! To secure a place you will need to complete a booking form and an accompanying pre-course questionnaire, which can be requested by emailing Professionals can refer, and can also attend as we have a limited number of spaces available for practitioners.

The course launches on Sunday 14 January 2018 with a Taster Day at 1pm, and will then be held over 10 consecutive Sundays from 21 January - 25 March 2018, from 1pm-4pm at The Marlene Reid Centre, Coalville.

For more information, please contact Jit Singh, Project Manager at Go-Getta CIC on 07939 199 549 or by email at